[Hpn] Big Hearts can be harmful! Justice not Charity!

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Sat, 6 Jan 2001 12:47:13 -0800 (PST)

Mikala Bembery <mybembery@altavista.com> of Roofless Women writes us:

>I was just flashing on a meeting at a non-profit... I always open my
>mouth, right or wrong which makes me the pain in the ass that shows up and
>says things that cause discomfort.  ...I am not in this to disorganize any
>efforts, I only want to change the PR campaign. Justice not Charity! A
>home should not only be for the priveliged or those who get in good with
>the big heart clan.

Being _stuck_ in "oppositional relationships" crimps organizers'
effectiveness.  To win allies and funds, organizers need "emotional

Still, we must never forget: We have the "right to be angry".

Ange assessed can make clear our unmet needs.  Anger can energize us and
our exploited peers to stay active for social justice.

Sugar pills won't cure what ails us. Healing injustice takes a fair dose of
Powerful Bitching.

People with power and resources would love "disgruntled people" to always
"hold our tongues".  They'd rather we "politely beg" for what scraps they
may throw to dissenters they wish to silence.

"Don't upset the apple cart," they advise.  And why not?  Such "logic"
suits their interests.

The the rich and powerful do _well_ under the Status Quo.  Poor and
homeless people do _not_.  To get our Fair Share, we must at times
"discomfort the comfortable".

Mikala, thanks for reminding us to stay on-message: "Justice not Charity!"
-- Tom Boland

''Those who are with the civil rights agenda must not choose collegiality
over civil rights and social justice,'' -- Rev. Jesse Jackson

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