[Hpn] Venting

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Sat, 6 Jan 2001 11:33:17 -0800


Have just now read your post with much concern. You address something that really
needs to be talked about... "the stigma of being homeless follows you even after
you obtain a place to live in normal society". I myself have wondered whether
I can "fit" into normal society.
There is some kind of horrible "rite of passage" in having been homeless...
it goes outside of the normal bounds. It feels in some ways similiar (though
obviously not identical) to being a concentration camp victim, or a Vietnam
vet. All of us have been exposed to living conditions where the normal social
"veneer" of society has been ripped off. 
It feels as though there is no social niche to fit into anymore. My family now
feels like strangers. 
It seems as though we homeless/formerly homeless remind people of their worst
fears of financial insecurity.
There is so much I want to say... I am so sorry your husband was given rough
treatment by the cops. And, as a former Home Health Aide with at least a rudimentary
training in universal precautions, I have to say that the busness of the army
giving mass innoculations with the same gun makes me sick.
I am so glad that all of us have all of us to talk with and compare notes. Because
so much of what has gone down is insane, inhumane, and totally unacceptable.
I wonder how many of us are experiencing trauma and stress as a result? Maybe
quite a few?

with love,


>It seems that the stigma of being homeless follows you even after you obtain

>a place to live in normal society.  I really don't know where to begin with

>this, I am so very angry.  Night before last, my husband drank to excess. 

>This led him to be on the "disorderly" side.  Memories of the past brought

>forth fear. (most of post shortened, here- Harmony) 
I really don't want to break up my home, yet, I do not 
>want to be bothered from cops or people with attitudes.  Why can't people 

>just live and let live?                               ~tyedye~
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