[Hpn] Big Hearts can be harmful!

my bembery mybembery@altavista.com
6 Jan 2001 09:08:48 -0800

Hey Tom and all of HPN,   I was just flashing on a meeting at a non-profit.  I was trying to figure out what I am doing there. I mean what is my deal?

Mostly, it is to find stuff out.  I learn alot and share it. I also get to hook up with homeless women through that affilation. But that didn't account for why I always open my mouth, right or wrong which makes me the pain in the ass that shows up and says things that cause discomfort.


The people are nice as individuals but kept speaking of big hearts. The big hearts of the staff and such. I don't think hearts, big or otherwise, have anything to do do with Justice. And that is the reason I attend.

So it occurs to me that that is the cause of my disgruntlement, which sometimes makes me sound smug or overly critical.  The whole conversation is out of context.

Tell me what you think, I am flying close too the fire and it is scary 'cause every now and then one of my sisters will turn around and join the ranks of the Big Hearted people. That's why I turn to you gotta be careful what I say and where.

I am not in this to disorganize any efforts, I only want to change the PR campaign.  Justice not Charity!

A home should not only be for the priveliged or those who get in good with the big heart clan.


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