[Hpn] Re: Steroetypes Encourage Murder of Homeless People? Your Opinion?

Tyedye38@aol.com Tyedye38@aol.com
Sat, 6 Jan 2001 05:01:27 EST

I just read, HoboMatt's repy on this subject.  I felt I must share my 
opinion.  Two years ago, in Santa Cruz, California, "homeless bashing" was 
occuring almost on a daily basis.  Most of the homeless that were being 
targeted was the elderly, the sick, the ones with casts---all in all, the 
ones who appeared weaker.  The bashing was being done by some of the more 
affluent youth of Santa Cruz.  There would be three or four of these young 
people that would go around, looking under bridges, behind alleys and other 
places, seeking out homeless people.  They would beat them up terribly, some 
having to be hospitalized, with some dying.  I do beleive that just being a 
homeless person, does stereotype you amongest the "normies".  While some of 
the normies have compassion for the homeless, there are others, who, would 
like to see homeless people, cease to exist.  In my opinion, they feel that 
homeless people are criminals, running from the law, have no one that cares 
about them, that they do not care about themselves, that all homeless people 
are "panhandlers", who simply want to "freeload" off of society.  I think 
that for those reasonings, these senseless acts of terrorizing the homeless 
happen, by the vigilantes made up of the "normies".  I must say, that when 
this was happening in Santa Cruz, some of us homeless that were younger and 
in good health, went around checking to see that people were alright.  
Basically, we wanted to find these young kids who were doing the damage.  We 
never found them.  I hope the same is still not happening in Santa Cruz, but, 
I do know that it is happening somewhere at this moment, which is too sad to 
think.        ~tyedye~