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In my opinion greed, need, and deed sometimes dose create some serious
complications for the homeless,rather than stereo type every one I would
have to say the homeless brothers and sisters I knew in my travels had a
compassion and love for each other,its when outsiders from the community
started drinking with us Bo's that things happened!
I am sure you all read the murder trial of the Concord 3 whom cold bloodedly
murdered Brian McManus,now these three are vultures and if the death
sentence was used all three would be qualified in my estimation to get the
big one!
And I have to tell you I think life imprisonment is the ideal punishment on
any murder charge,but these people killed this man for only a few dollars
and Brian was not a selfish person,may the three of you who killed Brian rot
in hell!
No I feel that in the Denver area you will find that this is the act of
thrill killers and they will get caught because they need their kicks!
A Brother
Advocate,activist for displaced,disabled and parents human rights
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 Do "negative stereotypes" encourage vigilantes to murder homeless people?
Why or why not?

 Over the last twenty years or so in Colorado Springs, the vast majority of
 "homeless murders" has the victim being killed by his/her "friends" or
 The usuall scenerio is a group of people sitting round a fire drinking,
 sheltering in an abandoned house, or walking along the river and a dispute
 turns lethal. I don't believe that "negative stereotypes" encourage
 vigilantes to seek out and harm homeless people (as a rule). I DO believe
 these stereotypes lead to less concerned police investigation, after the
 fact, as the the victim was "just a transient".
Matt Parkhouse, RN
Colorado Springs, CO