[Hpn] Fw: Faces of Homeless Panel - SET UP ONE IN YOUR REGION FOR 2001

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Tue, 02 Jan 2001 20:07:08 -0600

This was posted to our GA_Homeless ListServ at 3:00AM on the first.
We will be happy to try and help anyone that wants to set up a real
speakers panel like Tom Boland, Michael Stoops and Luke Perry have


NCH Faces of Homelessness Panel
SOURCE: http://nch.ari.net/faces.html

 Often times, we look at homelessness as a large, collective national
problem, instead of a very personal issue that is made up of
individual stories. The "Faces of Homelessness Panel" will present the
"real experts" on homelessness to share their stories, and discuss
what individuals and organizations can do to make a difference. As
former and currently homeless people, they will share a unique and
personal insight into a national problem that is difficult to
understand, and even more difficult to respond to.

Through looking at homelessness from a personal standpoint, we will
discuss how people can get involved with solving problems in their
communities and the importance of educating others about the
challenges many members of our society face. It is our intention to
present a side of homelessness that we often miss in our day to day
lives, remembering that we all have different stories.

If you are interested in presenting a "Faces of Homelessness Panel" in
your community, at your school or other organization, we would love to

For more information about the panel.for more information about the
panel. Please contact Luke Perry at:202.737.6444  ex.320 or

Here are just a few of the many comments about the "Faces" panel:

"It would be nearly impossible to come out of this unchanged."

"This was truly an exceptional presentation that I believe completely
moved everyone in the room."

"This workshop has been an inspiration and made me reevaluate the way
I live my life."

"By introducing the students to individual homeless people, the panel
humanizes the situation of homelessness and wipes the slate clean so
that students can begin to form their own opinions about homelessness
and poverty."
Corey Washington
Asst. Professor of Philosophy
Univ. of Maryland, College Park

"I believe That the information you offer affects the lives of 14 year
olds far beyond their days with me as middle school students."
 Patricia Shea Scully
Wayland Middle School

"The powerful cultural stories and dialogue shared by members are life
changing for both participants and the speakers themselves, to claim
their own voices in a space of respect and encouragement and connect
on very human levels across regional, racial, gender and economic
 Rev. Neal Christie
Program Director
United Methodist Seminars

"It is through the stories and experiences of homeless people where
our groups can put a hear, soul, and human face to the statistics and
stereotypes they hear about homeless people."
 Ashley Goff
Pilgrimage Director
Church of the Pilgrims

The National Coalition for the Homeless' highly regarded multi-media
slide show featuring images of America's homeless is now available on
VHS video.

This 13-minute video is a great resource to begin discussing
homelessness in America. Videos will be available starting January

Advance orders will be accepted. The cost of the video is $25.00 +
$3.00 S/H. Major credit cards accepted. Contact the NCH by phone at
202.737.6444 or email at nch@ari.net to place your order.

National Coalition for the Homeless
1012 Fourteenth Street, NW, #600,
Washington, DC 20005-3410
Phone: 202.737.6444 | Fax: 202.737.6445
Send us e-mail: nch@ari.net

Note: We reccomend that every coalition in Georgia purchase a copy of
this video and assemble a "Homeless Faces Panel" in each region to go
out and speak to churches, civic groups, corporations, schools, parks,
camps, anywhere a few people get together and will listen!

With the coalitions as the facilitators and the homeless and formerly
homeless as speakers, much good can be done at very little cost.

Get the movie and get organized.

If you need help, call Michael Stoops or Luke Perry at the National
Coalition for the Homeless or send us a note and we will see what we
can do to help too.

H. C. (Sonny) Covington, Editor
Homeless & Affordable Housing News