[Hpn] Shelter Needed:Letter to the Editor;Times Argus;12/30/2000;Barre VT

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Below is a forward of a recently published letter to the editor which may 
interest you and others whom you know.

It is sent as a follow-up as it concerns the need for a day shelter for 
people who are homeless in the Barre Vermont area. It does not seem to be 
available online yet however.

Following the forward, are URL('s) for related Web sites for a shelter 
mentioned in the letter to the editor -- FYI:


-------Forwarded published letter to the editor-------

Saturday, December 30, 2000
Times Argus <http://timesargus.nybor.com>
[Barre - Montpelier, Vermont]
Letters to the Editor section
Page A6

Shelter Needed

I would like to express my deepest concern that there be a homeless day 
shelter in the Barre area. I was happy to hear that this situation was being 
addresses with serious intention to follow through with just such a project. 
Having been on the verge of homelessness many times and working at the Safe 
Haven in Randolph, I know the need is great.

The winters in Vermont are harsh and bitter cold. Nothing is more important 
than a warm home to give shelter to those who don't have it. A hot cup of 
coffee and a meal are essential to all who have no place to go. Personally I 
feel there should be a relaxed atmosphere and information on where one can 
spend the night as well. The cruelty of winter should be met with the warmth 
of shelter. This should be a right not a privilege.

I pledge my full support for just such a shelter.

Richard T. Wilson, Jr.

---End of forwarded published letter to the editor---

~~~Related Web site URL's -- FYI:

Safe Haven:

~~~Hosted at:

Vermont Psychiatric Survivors, Inc. (VPS):


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