[Hpn] Re: Mans human rights violated

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Mon, 01 Jan 2001 21:04:54 -0500

great bill,
   don't take my shit so personal. you've finally figgered out what to
do to feel good about your position in life. i figgered out mine when i
was a kid. the only bad habit i ever stuck with was hemp, and that
turned out to be good medicine. you should read my missives with an open
mind. don't let me deflate yer ego. don't let me push your buttons. use
your mind.
   as to the rest of it , i live my politics every day. on going since
1964,at 14, bust for vagrancy whilst hitching x country. spent 30 days
in grey mt indian jail. kids are dumb, but it showed me that cops are
cops n i been fighten them n their bosses ever since.

William Charles Tinker wrote:

> Unclescam,
> We go to court against Granite State Guardian Ship services tomorrow,
> I want you to know I have more than one life I live Ok!
> This letter went to the GSGS  we have court at 2 PM tommorrow!
> Ms Sweeney,
>  You are forgiven,only because you do not know the
>  circumstances,but once again I have to say that the
>  care providers have no right to change plans made in
>  advance and agreed to this makes for anger and
>  mistrust for all the parties.
>  This is why we need to remedy this before the judge
>  Howard M has been wronged more than you can
>  understand here!
>  Its not just about a holiday its about personal rights
>  constitutional rights of free association with family
>  members..get my drift?
>  These respite people do not have the right to over
>  ride the Guardians or our well made plans correct...
>  me if I am wrong?
>  We told the fellow where Howard is staying that these
>  plans for the holidays with us were OK-ed already and
>  the man said "something about his family plans was
>  more important,and if we wanted Howard for Chrismas we
>  could come pick him up", we could not get Jayne M
>  this is why we called GSGS OK we believe that because
>  of our disabilities we are being treated shabbily by
>  these people as they do not seem to care except that
>  their own creature comforts are well nourished!
>  No the ball is squarely in the right side of the court
>  yard and we hope you did file a complaint as you said
>  you would because it must be done!
>  Thank you!
>  William Tinker