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well bill,      read the whole thing bill
    the previous time was yesterday. i live, the direct puppet to person
crusade each and every chance i get. i was in front of boston city hall, the
statehose,and several other choice locations talkin to people. not gov.s and
right wing aspirants, people. and i admit my failure to secure a house for
those without one, but i'll help you learn how to fail along with me if you
like. or you can teach me how to do what you do.

William Charles Tinker wrote:

> Scam,
> Can you personally tell me how many times you have picketed a city hall,or
> even attempted to seriously help another brother or sister off the
> street

brother bill i got the history on ya. while you were still lookin at the bottom
of that bottle,while you were bein the loudmouth kid. i was fightin for your
right to be alive. why weren't you helpin.
a coalition. i ask again what did it get ? where's the houses.?

> When did you help organize a Coalition To End Homelessness, or when

> was the last time you got involved physically with ending homelessness,or
> fought to save affordable housing.

first time
was busted in cambridge rent strikes of 70s while livin on green street

> When have you last done anything but
> belittle other persons attempts to do something constructive for their
> fellow sisters and brothers?

i have never belittled any one for attempts. i have cut down ideas that have
little merit. that is what this list is for. discussion of ideas. not blind

> How many persons did you feed last year or help find an apartment for or sit
> up chatting with or  trying to calm down a seriously depressed  person from
> lack of food or shelter?

i don't have cloud troopers, i have my own mind. i won't be bullied by ex
drunks whose answer is to personally attack the messenger of a thoughtfull
reply. quit cryin in your disability. emerge as a reasoning intellect capable
of creating positive results.

> I do a tiny bit more than lobby but if you think thats all fine, have a
> great year but your not impressing any one except your own cloud troopers! I
> know you have seen this but we do do more than lobby!
> http://www.hippopress.com/lowincome.html
> Bill
> PS Come to a meeting of NH Coalition To End Homelessness its in Concord, NH
> 105 Pleasant Street Concord NH Main Building January 5,at 9:30 AM .We are
> supposed to have about 600 new units of affordable housing put up this year!
> NHHomeless
> 25 Granite Street
> Northfield,N.H. 03276
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> NHHomeless@egroups.com
> Advocate,activist for displaced,disabled and parents human rights
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> > well hi bill.
> >     how many new abodes can we ring up in new hampshire.? you been a
> lobbyin
> > the governor, even the right wing came to your door, perhaps you can
> expound
> > on the efficacy of lobbyin. how many more homeless this year?
> >