[Hpn] A man for all seasons!

William Charles Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Mon, 1 Jan 2001 13:44:25 -0500

Here is to the man
all tattered and worn
Could have been PREZ
instead he is dehomed
 Free as as a bird 
 to fly this ol'coop,
remembering the War
and how he was seen.
 Makes for this Vet to
feel rather mean,
its not who you are
but what you can dream.
 Living thru flash backs
of death all around,
this man deserves better
than a park bench 
 called home.
 So if you as americans
really give a damn
reach out and give
this brother,or sister who is 
 homeless a hand.
 And never for get just how
close we all have drifted
to seeing the holy ghost
Yes its quite clear to me,
homelessness is near to thee.
 I ask not your pity
Nor handouts of pain,
I only ask that you
consider me a homeless man,
Not a being from beyond!
 For today I work
for my meal,as is the deal
tomorrow I move on to
places unknown,but 
 if possible I too might
find a place I can call
 January 1, 2001
Bill Tinker formerly homeless
 A Brother In The Struggle
25 Granite Street
Northfield,N.H. 03276
Advocate,activist for displaced,disabled and parents human rights