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Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:46:38 -0500

 Group if you know any one that has remnants of cloth material,if they would
 contact Jennifer McConnelly at e-mail quilts4homeless@yahoo.com  it would
 vastly appreciated.Her letter is below thank you very much Jennifer!
 A Brother In Homeless struggle
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     Hello All,
    I just wanted to drop a note to everyone to let you
  know that I am still here reading all of the post!  I
  have not had much time to respond much because of how
  busy things around here have been! Our quilting
  project has taken on a life of its own!!
    Alot of you have mentioned some great points and as
  time permits I will start responding! This is truly a
  great and angelic group! Even though I am not in or
  from NewHampshire I am very glad I joined!
    I also thought I would make a plea for some
  material donations since we are running very low
  because of the harsh winter we have been experiencing!
  Most of the items we use for material are items that
  people would otherwise have dumped in a landfill so it
  is kind of like we are addressing to issues at the
  same time! If any of you would be interested in
  helping us with material donations(we DO NOT accept
  cash donations) please email me and I will give you
  all the info on what we can use and where to send it!
  Every little bit of help makes a big difference in so
  many lives!
      Thanks all and I hope to write again soon!

       God Bless,