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Tue, 27 Feb 2001 03:25:01 -0800 (PST)

The salient features of Our Orphanage

   Background history of our orphanage:-  India is a
Developed country, we got plenty of resources, but we
are dwelling under poverty. Our natural resources are
not going to be utilized properly. Because of such
planed drawback ness we are existing at the below
poverty line. Particularly we are residing on the
costal belt of: Bay of Bengal: that which renmains too
disasterís feeling per every year due to natural
calamities like
Colons. Because of such geographical factors number of
families are going to be running per year. The
remaining  member of such families are becoming
orphans Recently we conducting a interesting survey on
increasing ratio of these victims groups. It got
cleared the said group is increasing at a rapid rate
urged the geometrical progression. The
Increased orphans are simply depending upon the
society, where no members of this present day society
is thinking about the upliftment of this group.
Basically we classified the factors for such abuse as
below because of family disorganization, and by
natural calamities, and with social unrest conditions,
there are increasing day by day. Now they  are
wandering on streets. They are going to be called as
parking Boys, Young Rashers, and poisons. Parking boys
are existing under day wised banded labor on
pavements. The young Rankled were absorbed on
unauthorized businesses. The pausing are working in
fields. They always are struggling towards their daire
needs. For some times these said group shall accustoms
for major potencies in order to get their daily bread.
Later they shall be habitual to crime worldwide It is
fact that famous criminals in India are all orphans.
only lack of proper family background with good moral
support, they are going to be become like this. If
they got treated on cordial standards at their initial
days, they shall be alighted by another way. So only
conditions f surroundings shall settle of his stage.
If anybody provided with good standered of living. No
doubt he shall secure more deeds in his life time.
Actually that what I learned by the stage of orphans.
I studied up to  B.A., Bed. Due to the call of my Lord
I delicately absorbed in Gospel. Since last 10 years I
am working under gospel on outreached areas. Number of
tames I came across these helpless children during my
outreached camps. I discussed on this with our church
people, and my co-workers. They are also expressed the
same feeling in hosting of such orphans. Basically I
got the knowledge of child Psychology by my B.Ed., 
degree. More over by  birth I got stimulation towards
social work. I am already dwelling under gospel with
good standard. Then I proposed and planned to start
with 10 children Really I felt it very problem for me,
as I am not having with any funds. The existed fund
with me is meeting towards my outreach camps only. On
this I totally encouraged by our church people and
then I started our orphanage with 10 orphan children.
Now it is running
With 22 orphan children. This is our basic and primary
concept in generating of our orphanage.

The present day situation of our orphanage: Now I am
running this orphanage with 22 orphan children. They
are all cent percent orphans, where they are al lost
of their parents in different events by different
causes. Totally they were dragged out on streets. They
are al struggling a lot for once. But now they are
growing on cordial lines. They are going to school
regularly. They are praying to God regularly on their
arising needs. Actually I donít have any support from
any side on this orphanage. All these days I am
prayerfully running this orphanage with my own ways.
Daily I am facing number of financial troubles
Deficient budget. For some times our provisions shop
owner shall stop the commodities to us in pending of
our bills. Then I am quite enabling to feed them
regularly. Some times they sleep with empty stomach.
You just examine their bitter stage. This is all
happening with deficient budget. Now we are residing
at a rented building. Paying regularly rent to the
owner is became a nightmare for me. Further we are all
getting most ill treatment. Forcibly we are  existing
lack of further sources. If we got provided with a own
building for orphanage, our orphanage children may be
grown -up by sound mind and with good health .At
present in these day I am facing very problem in
operating our orphanage. Basically I need some regular
support to dwell it on sound
Condition. However by Gods grace I am operating our
orphanage on hopeful manner.

Basically I have to provide our orphan children daily
food and shelter. For dairy needs I need proper
regularly support to run our orphanage on sound manner
lack of regular monthly support by number of  Times I
got shattered with financial troubles. Towards shelter
we need a well-established dormitory. But now I am
operating this under a haired building. Really it
became too problematic for me to pay this regularly
Rent. Actually I never attained any fixed assets
towards this orphanage. For every month I jam masterly
depending on heavenly support like any contribution
from any body. But now days in India most disgraceful
features are arising in India in order to curb the
activities of Christian organization. Being in minor
cored in India we cant get any better offerings from
any side. These are my practical problem. For every
expenditure I has to struggle by additional means.
Most probably I used to depend upon church people
only.   Now they are also restituting financial
disabilities due to the continual effect of natural
calamities. So at this disgraceful stage I cant any
more offerings from them. Now I am in dilemma in
running of our orphanage. Now I am praying to God to
look into our need of orphan children in India.
Basically I need monthly support on maintenance of
orphanage. Secondary I need additional support for
their clothes, book, Medicines and etc. Finally I need
a owned building for orphanage. If the said above
amenities provided us, then our orphanage will run on
Godly lines according to our desire and doctrine. 
	I am a pastor. I daily studied the Bible. I number
times come across the verses James 1-27. These words
are stimulated me. By such motivation I turned up to
host orphan children. This is all my day wise task on
gospel sector. Treating orphan children considered as
the best compensatory task of a Christian. So I held
up on such activity. Kindly understand our appeal on
our need as said above. I need of your leadership and
guidance. I await always at your valuable suggestions
in operating our orphanage. My best wishes to you
forever in the name of our Lord Jesus. 
Yours sincerely in His service

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