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"Raising a Ruckus: New Activism and the Response to Globalization" by KQED
Bay Window, airs on KQED Public Television 9 on March 2, 2001 at 9:30PM.
Check it out!

"Raising a Ruckus" focuses on several local organizations, from
Berkeley-based Ruckus Society to San Francisco's Global Exchange. The film
follows several passionate Bay Area anti-globalization protest leaders to
explore the strongest renaissance of activism since the 1960s. From the WTO
protests to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the film is
a story of the growing pains of a global movement as it faces both internal
and external obstacles - and its potential to grow and meaningfully
influence the democratic process both at home and abroad.

You can check out the companion Web site now to learn more about
anti-globalization efforts, identify hundreds of volunteer opportunities in
the Bay Area, vote in our poll, download guides for facilitators and
teachers, and find out more about the people and organizations in the
program: http://www.kqed.org/baywindow/

Many of you participated in the braintrusts around this project. Now we'd
like to enlist your help in growing the audience for this important program.
Feel free to forward this email announcement to your staff and/or members.
You can also create a link to http://www.kqed.org/baywindow/ on your own
organization's Web site.

Thanks for your help with this and please be sure to watch!

Colleen Wilson
Web Producer
KQED San Francisco
415.553.2862 Phone |  http://www.kqed.org


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