[Hpn] Prison Guards See Trailer Park as Symbol of Hard Times

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<< A trailer park sits so close to Sing Sing that the lodgers
 there could play handball against the prison wall if the man in the rifle
 tower allowed it.
 The trailers rest on cinder blocks and two-by-fours and have no toilets or
 telephone lines or running water. They are separated from the Sing Sing
 Correctional Facility by a chain-link fence and an asphalt road. The
 trailers do not house inmates or welfare recipients or even schoolchildren.
 They house correction officers who are too poor to afford decent
 accommodations in town. >>

I heartily recommend reading Newjack: Guarding Sing-Sing by Ted Conover. He 
writes of the training and the following year of being a Sing-Sing guard. 
Covers this issue and many more. (He also wrote a good book on the state of 
hoboing in the mid-1980's Rolling Nowhere)

Matt Parkhouse, RN;
Colorado Springs, CO