[Hpn] It's not just what you say..

Lucinda Houston lucy@efn.org
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 16:32:07 -0800

Hello Arnold,
I'm sorry but it just didn't seem uplifting to me.  I wondered why he let
the letters "KKK" form in his organization's name of initials.  I wondered
if he hadn't thought of what people might associate it with.  I wondered why
he let his organization's name of initials form the word FFinKKK.  I
wondered why the upper and lower cases formed the way they did.  It could
insult people with their sensitivities, if you know what the KKK represent
and how that's not exactly how all of us want to believe and practice in our
lives.  So why send a message that could be connected in any way with that
Little subtleties can be alarming and worrisome.
If he can convey that his intentions are humanitarian and that he's not out
to harm anyone in anyway then it would be cool.
As for my choice of words "pure fear and ignorance", well, that's kinda the
way us heathen folk used to talk it in Arkansas to express a broad idea.  I
can just imagine sittin around with my old grandma and breaking down and
explaining the concepts to her (Of why I thought that he shouldn't have used
that message and what people could make of it).  Of course, it might have
been her expressing those words along with her conception and idea of things
in a situation.
I have always had fun in language and played with it to the silly max.  Get
it, y'all?
Also, Arnold, if you don't mind my saying, human suffering is real and there
is an element of it in our history.  Sometimes people are treated poorly by
other human beings and are a little sensitive to that treatment.  Even if
his words are just fear causing, they should be altered and amended in
consideration of human suffering and sensitivity.  A person doesn't want to
leave room for people to think otherwise if a person can possibly help it.
I don't disagree with people learning to read and write.  That is a powerful
tool and gift for humans.
Let's just try not to be misunderstood in the messages we convey.
It is entirely possible to communicate messages free of misunderstandings
and misrepresentations.  If you find you've messed up, then try and make it
Perhaps my experience in Arkansas made me much more sensitive to the issue
of racism and its destructive nature.  Perhaps I heard too many words that
were insensitive and biting.  It made for a hostile atmosphere.

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>I agree about it not being just what you way but the way you say it...
>What did you see that was pure ignorance and hate?  I guess I just do
>see what's so bad about helping more people be able to read.  I'm sure
>glad I can read.
>Arnold Zwemke