[Hpn] Fwd: comment on welfare reform? + [ACLU] Action Alert : Austin Police Reform Gutted

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Mon, 19 Feb 2001 15:40:04 -0800 (PST)

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On the issue of single mothers and welfare reform they
hold a weak point.  The greater issue should be the
types of employment that these mothers would get is
far below the cost of living.
There for the mothers are better off making the babies
in a form of job security till there middle age.
However this statement is now antiquated as the truth
to it held thirty years prior to Reagan years. The
welfare reform package that was introduced under
Reagan generated the initial influx of the homeless in
America in over forty years many people are held in
this vicious cycle If a person gives up there benefits
that they have spent years to ascertain there worse
off than while having them as attractive as work often
Should I return to work as in a paycheck I need to
these figures are comparative for what it currently
costs me as a panhandler vs employment as a disabled

housing,        0  MO.   0  660 + = 660 month
medical,       16   "   16  130 + = 790  "
electric,       58   "   74  110 + = 900  "
transportation, 1   "   75  240 + =1150  "
education,     35   "  110  200 + =1390  "
clothing,       1   "  111   60 + =1450  "
entertainment,  3   "  114   40 + =1490  "
Food,           5   "  119  180 + =1570  "
For me to work I need to receive after tax 1540 per
month take home. This translates to $18.00 per hour on
the books at a 40 hours per week. Because of the tax
rate. Expectations and added expenses I need to
anticipate ware and tare on my body and property to
increase as well we need to add 15%.
Am I in that trap that single parents have with
welfare?  Would I do better if I am pressured into
getting SSI or SSDI? Or should I comply with the
directives of the interviewer the last time that I
went for Lone Star Debit card (Food Stamps)? Take my
medical form to the family planning clinic to be
filled out? (I wish)

The attachment is about our police from ACLU Central
Texas and some of my thoughts.
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 In case you wonder about our homeless situation its
ramped because of the city manager and city council
the security force is bad. We have known it for years.
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From: David Smith <david_smith@unforgettable.com>
Subject: [ACLU] Action Alert : Austin Police Reform Gutted
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Do not distribute after April 1, 2001 or until updated 


The Austin Police Association and Austin City Manager Jesus Garza have conspired 
to gut a civilian oversight agreement painstakingly developed in public by a 
city task force, the Police Oversight Focus Group. Instead, they used secret 
negotiations to thwart the Austin City Council's stated will and to neuter every 
significant point of real accountability in the proposed system. All records 
and processes remain secret. The system proposed in the agreement would be no 
more accountable than the current one -- that is to say, not accountable at all. 


If you watch the news you know the Austin Police Department has serious problems. 
APD made national headlines after detectives coerced a false rape confession 
and the victim was proven innocent by DNA testing. A federal task force pursued 
allegations that Austin cops provided security for drug dealers until APD quashed 
the investigation by pulling its men off the case. And Samuel Ramirez, an Austin 
cop who allegedly forced a woman to perform oral sex on him while he was on duty, 
was only charged with a misdemeanor and could still return to the force. 

Citizens demanded accountability for APD's increasingly notorious record, and 
the Austin City Council responded by creating Austin's Police Oversight Focus 
Group (POFG), made up of citizens and representatives of the Austin Police Association, 
the officers' union. The idea was that restrictive state civil service laws could 
be overridden to create real accountability if the union would agree to reforms 
through their labor contract process. The most important reforms, negotiated 
over many months, gave limited access (for complainants and the oversight board) 
to information about investigations of complaints against officers. In return, 
police officers would get a large pay raise. 

The police association abandoned the public agreement and gutted the POFG deal 
in closed door labor negotiations with City Manager Jesus Garza. Under the new 
deal, all information has been restricted from complainants, the proposed oversight 
board and the public. The proposed system is just as closed and just as accountable 
as the current system -- that is to say, it is completely closed and not accountable 
to anyone at all. The pay raise, you may imagine, was left intact. 


The ACLU and the Sunshine Project oppose the Meet and Confer Agreement without 
the full POFG recommendations, and urge Austin residents to call city council 
today to say you do too. Tell them no pay raise without real oversight. Do it 
right now! 

Mayor Kirk Watson 
499-2250; kirk.watson@ci.austin.tx.us
Daryl Slusher 
499-2260; daryl.slusher@ci.austin.tx.us 

Jackie Goodman 
499-2255; jackie.goodman@ci.austin.tx.us 

Danny Thomas 
499-2266; danny.thomas@ci.austin.tx.us 

Will Wynn 
499-2256; will.wynn@ci.austin.tx.us 

Raul Alvarez 
499-2264; raul.alvarez@ci.austin.tx.us 

Beverly Griffith 
499-2258; beverly.griffith@ci.austin.tx.us 

The city council still has to vote before the city manager's and the police union's 
flagrant betrayal of the public interest becomes codified into local law and 
practice. Please help in every way you can, with our campaign to stop this injustice. 

For more information, including how your organization can join: 

ACLU of Texas Police Accountability Project 
AOL users <"http://www.aclutx.org/projects/police/> 
Email: policeaccountability@aclutx.org 


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