[Hpn] Lets yell for the Truth to be told

Jan Lightfoot janshouse@yahoo.com
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 07:12:10 -0800 (PST)

The Bangor Daily News published an article in their
weekender saying the sytem is broken.  The piece
failed to go into depth of HOW DEEPLY the gaps are,
but a front page article on Feb 17 & 18th is a start

Lets call or email Mike the city editor and tell him
to continue printing the truth about the system
1-207-990-8238 the URL is www.bangornews.com/

Tell him of stories you know.  You can read the Bangor
Daily News on-line. 

There is also a debate on whether poverty 9is caused
by lazinest, or society at http:boards1.ivillage.com/
news and issues, then Ending Poverty in America. Or
use the direct line below.

Both Bread and Rights.

Jan Lightfoot,
PO Box 62 Hinckley ME. 04944
1-800-438-3890 for those without funds, 
janshouse@yahoo.com/ http://boards1.ivillage.com/messages/get/elpoverty5.html or www.ivillage.com/boards Poverty in America

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