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It is what a person becomes when they have read the book "2150" (by author
Thea Alexander- found in fiction).  (and said "Yippee, let's go there!")
(You can find it on Ebay, or at Half.com, and perhaps in your local
bookstore, used).

She wrote the book in the 70's.  I read the book in 1984, years after people
started urging me to check it out.

If you can find the book, I suggest you read it.  It is full of concepts and
a vision of things to be.  (At least, if we get it there).  It is totally

She has written, and John Lennon has read, more material.. and I am working
on a course in Macro, but they are more educational, as opposed to the
fiction work that she embedded her concepts in.  You really wouldn't want to
miss it.  You can find the main site which just opened and is being
developed by either going directly to www.macrosociety.com (and while you're
there, find the page that tells what some famous authors, etc., thought of
it), or you can go through my lil doors, beginning at www.macro-society.com,
then the community site, then to the main site.  Don't pay any attention to
mine, I don't have much, and I'm an ex-homeless person who spends every
thought on Macro Society (practically), since being exposed (quite a while
before I knew exactly what homelessness was).  At least it is always behind
my thoughts.  The Macroites are just beginning to
organize, but they've been around and growing since Macro Society

It's different, I give you my word, and I think you'd be impressed just like
I was.  (Just like anybody would be!)

Here's to you and me,


Macro Society - “New Directions For a New Millennium.”

Empowerment to disadvantaged families and individuals gained through
utilizing and maximizing our skills and resources both material and
spiritual, with the aim of improving the quality of our lives.

Our humble doorway into the future www.macro-society.com

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what is a macroite?

  Learn more about me & then some!

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