[Hpn] Police "shelter raid" analysis: Displace the poor to Develop downtown? (fwd)

Aariadne SpiderLady Aariadne@interactive.rogers.com
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 09:04:58 -0500 (EST)

Oh yeah, we have the same crap happening here in Toronto. Squeegeers and
Native people are the most likely to suffer harrassment.
I was assaulted by 52 Division in 1993; I've had 14 Div open my bottles
ov water and pour them out on the sidewalk in the summer; I've had
property stolen by 11 Division.
It doesn't usually help big business, since we have OCAP here. When a
business scum tried to have a shelter closed downa few years ago OCAP
picketed them every day. Soon the cops were there every day even after
we stopped picketing. THAT did their businss worse harm than the shelter
and the presence ov the homeless.

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