[Hpn] on street wise(?)

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 14:46:49 0

Personally, I’m not too sure what to make of the problem at Streetwise. While at the very least it sounds like the owner actions were extremely high handed how much control does he retain legally? How is this incorporated and what type of contract does he have with the editors and vendors? If he is the sole owner with complete control then basically he can do what he wants. But if he is selling himself and his paper as the voice of the homeless (or any other group) then he is taking on responsibilities and obligations he should not lightly ignore. If he wants to run some version of the Betting News or a gossip/glam rag then he should but not as “Streetwise”, otherwise he will just end up with what happened to the Village Voice. That used to be a great alternative rag. Now it whispers compared to what it used to and I don’t know enough about its sister the Orange County Weekly here. Sure it has a couple of decent articles but you soon realize it is more about promoting the esco!
rt service in back than anyone’s social agenda. 
	Hell is it that even Pacifica used to be better or is it that I’m 52 today? Then again have a lot of people decided that the only thing worse than selling out is trying to sell out and no one is buying anymore?
	As an independent free-lance artist I have my own projects that I control but when I work with others on a project everyone needs to know what the aim is or there is no end of trouble, how can you back a project if someone keeps arbitrarily changing the rules and goals. I’ve seen to many good things go under because someone decided to take “their ball” home.
	If he wants to publish a second paper the he needs to find funding and backing rather than crowding the homeless out of what is supposed to be “their” paper. Gee, dispossessed again!
	However I find it disappointing. I expect better from what seems like within our own ranks. It feels like when I tried to sign up for a highly touted new computer training program here with the Salvation Army and was told they “weren’t letting any of you bums near those machines”. 
                    Zen hugs , jos