[Hpn] Fw: StreetWise report from Monday night's meeting

chance martin streetsheet@sf-homeless-coalition.org
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 12:37:57 -0700

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A. Oliver = Jim Jones


> Well here's the promised update of the board meeting. If you publish this,
> don't put my name or email on it since i"m already "in trouble" for
> circulating the board's contact info. Just say it came from an inside source.
> You can use the email address streetwise_action@hotmail.com, and my cell phone
> number with no name - 773-544-0804.
> Basically, we met with board president Pam McElvane, exec. committee member
> Rhiannon Schmieg, exec. comm. member Peter Wilkins, and board members Bruce
> Crane, Mark Blankenstein and Bob Szafransci (I think thats spelled wrong.)
> The breakdown is that Pam is completely in with Anthony and we know she has
> continually suppressed information and refused to act on grievances and
> complaints. Unfortunately, as far as the board structure goes she has a high
> degree of authority so even if other board members are genuinely upset and
> concerned, they'll have to strong arm her to get anything done. Wilkins and
> Schmieg are hard to peg - I think they basically are fully with Anthony but
> Pam may have been witholding information from them. Crane, Blankenstein and
> Bob I think were genuinely surprised and concerned about what they were
> hearing. They also seem like nice guys and as this meeting was only mandatory
> for the executive committee, they chose to come of their own will. Of the
> remaining board members, Congressman Danny Davis and Dan Hynes, the state
> comptroller, are basically not involved at all, although we have had contact
> with Davis and he was oblivious but concerned to hear about whats going on. I
> think he'l!
> l only act if he has to for self
> preservation. The others we don't know much about - as you know they are
> corporate types who were more or less appointed by Anthony.
> The board's response was that they will investigate and take this seriously,
> and that it wil take a while. They would not clarify or promise anything as
> regards job security or whether me and John Wilson are in fact still fired or
> not. They also demanded we stop going to outside sources, meaning the media
> and supporters. However, we think this is basically our only recourse and
> fully wihtin our rights, especially me since the best answer I've gotten is
> that I'm stil fired.
> We did stress to them that are campaign isn't directed against them but
> against the injustices we are aware of at streetwise, and we are asking only
> for honest communication and an objective course of action from them.
> The most significant thing that happened today was that Anthony held an hour
> long mandatory vendor meeting, supposedly ab out the Becker case. however, he
> used the meeting to deliver a fire and brimstone, call and response style
> riling up of the vendors, saying that the editorial staff are "like snakes,
> they live together and sleep together, they need to have their heads cut off."
> He said he is on  a mission from god, and we are enemies of streetwise who are
> trying to bring him down. He also called us communists who are trying to turn
> the paper into a militant communist or socialist newspaper. And he pointed out
> production chief allan gomez, saying "There's one of them," during this
> emotional, threatening revival style "meeting".
> (There were many instances of physical and verbal threats and harassment
> reported in the meeting with the board, including Anthony shoving a staff
> member to the ground and refering to his gang ties. THey did seem to take
> these situations very seriously.)