[Hpn] FW: streetwise rally update

chance martin streetsheet@sf-homeless-coalition.org
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 12:29:30 -0700

sorry, I was out sick on Tuesday. here's the latest streetwise update. Kari
and Allen, two of the "communists" (Anthony Oliver's assessment) from the
editorial committee will be meeting with me in SF this weekend, so we'll
hopefully be putting out something a bit less speculative than what I've
been reading lately. DAN's involvement is exciting news.

as for why I've been forwarding these posts, well, they've been sending them
to COH's email. and they have expressed appreciation for all the support. my
feeling is that we would all do a lot better to aim our efforts toward
supporting the vendors and staff at streetwise, rather than getting
defensive with each other. (i.e. "our paper's better than your paper, nyah,
nyah!" or "Allow me to offer the expert's perspective.")

I'm doing the same thing I'd do in support of any NASNA member, ok? the aim
is to pressure streetwise management and board to "get real," which
constitutes an admirable position for us all.



From: Karilyde@aol.com
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 23:44:17 EST
To: (supressed)
Subject: streetwise rally update


THANK YOU to all supporters who came to the rally outside StreetWise Feb 13,
and to everyone who has written letters of support concerning StreetWise and
otherwise supported this cause.
About 75-100 people attended the rally calling for fair labor' practices, an
end to retaliatory firing, and general respect for workers and staff at
The rally was exciting and positive. The message was not to antagonize the
board members, who were meeting at StreetWise at that time, but to thank
them for their communication with the staff and continue to show them the
extent of public support for StreetWise.
There were relatively few vendors at the rally, though several vendors did
speak passionately about the issues going on at StreetWise. Both readers and
staff of StreetWise know that there is widespread concern among the vendors
about the current situation, and staff and supporters are committed to
reaching out to vendors to involve them in coming efforts for respect,
justice and change at StreetWise.
We feel that not only staff and vendors but the entire community have a
stake in StreetWise and its future, and we are very excited that community
leaders and activists from so many walks of life are interested in working
to preserve and improve StreetWise's role as an organ of economic
empowerment and also social change.
The Direct Action Network and other groups are planning to hold a meeting
among vendors and community members in the coming week.
For more information on recent events or background contact
www.chicago.indymedia.org, chicagoreader.com (Hot Type column),
Karilyde@aol.com or 773-544-0804.