[Hpn] Judge allows HOMELESS VOICE vendors back in Hallandale Beach FLUSA (fwd)

elijah huffman hobo_poet@hotmail.com
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 14:52:11 -0500

Chance, How glad I am to hear you say the buy property with the money, and 
them building houses thing. That is sensable, and one of the things I 
promote. I don't promote the 'affordabe houseing' as that is not only an 
issue perpetuated by HUD which keeps folk from getting deeper into the real 
issues, that if worked on could maybe get problems solved
And yes, we do need affordable housng. But to afford is 'to have the revenue 
to purchase, lease, or rent, or even maintain. So I see the real issue we 
should be working on, as a combined one.
The ability to have an earned income. One that preferably we are self, or 
co-operativly employed, so as to quit feeding the rich folk, that steadily 
benefit off of our losses
This would also necessarily have to include, working on eradication of many 
beuracratic regulations & laws, espescialy ones concerning zoning ordinances 
which prevents one, from having a business from their house, causing them to 
have to either work for a rich man, or work for him through paying him rent. 
I know you have heard it said give a man a fish he eats for a day. but tell 
me, what about all of those no fishing signs.
Also included with the earned income, Is getting on to the salvation army 
goodwill etc. I know they get a whole bunch of tools, so do missions, as 
when my father-in law died my mother in law gave a whole workshop, and a 
garage full of tools and equipment, that he had already given me, to a 
mission run by her brother. Did the folk at the mission get to access them? 
of course not. What happens to the tools, why don't they put them in the 
hands of those looking for work so they can get a better paying job. Why 
don't they have enough respect, and confidence in us to help us set up 
cottage industries, and employee owned and operated co-operatives, In order 
to strengthen us, rather than the organization. as through strengthening the 
people, we'll give the org it's strength, but they want to build strong 
orgs, and the people be damned They also help to feed the problem through 
promotion of jobs, where the rich become more benefited, through leaching 
off of your labour, and profiting much more by it than you.
The other thing which was basicily hinted at above, Is in giving the groups, 
be it homeless or whatever, The say and power, over where the moneys, 
properties etc, that are donated to us, by way of these bullshit orgs, go. 
After all the real experts about the needs of any group will be people 
within those particular groups And as far as accounability. Take the amont 
of money someone like hud has received, and divide that by the folk they 
have housed. and look at the price per person. A number of years back, I 
read where hud was awarded 6 billion for 5 years maintainence. now since 
there are 50 states, let's give the taxpayers back 10 billion, they'll like 
that won't they. now we are going to give The homeless in each state 1 
billion. now lets say each state has 100 counties (most don't) we'll give 
homeless in  each couunty ten million of the billion, and they can buy ten 1 
million dollar pieces of property, we can then hit the construction sites 
etc and build, build, build
This is the same as withall of the orgs and agencys. The way they are set 
up, neither makes practical, nor business sense
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