elijah huffman hobo_poet@hotmail.com
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 22:25:53 -0500

With all of this about streetwise, and I am happy that Chance is, working 
towards trying to get them to be 'real'. I thought it would be the time to 
tell of when I tried starting a street newspaper done by the homeless.
I had been doing speaking engagements through the National coalition for the 
homeless, and for a lot of years, Mike stoops had talked about a street 
newspaper. I decided to get one started, but I wanted it to be a showcase 
for the talents of the homeless, a medium to be used to come up with, and 
promote ideas of the homeless, for programs done by them, and for other 
things, not making it restrictive.
It was also to be used as a medium for blowing the whistle on non-profits 
and government entities. Being fair, it would also tell of the programs that 
were okay, or at least somewhat okay.
It wasn't to deal with just homelessness, though of course homeless issues 
would be a big part of it. It was to deal with environmental. alternative 
technology, corrupt politics, economic change, (the manipulation of the 
economy, through many seemingly good rules and regulations, is the primary 
cause of homelessness, not affordable housing as hud and their cohorts, 
manage to get most to believe, which keeps us from dealing with the real 
issue. FREE INTERPRISE. YOu hear them say "give a man a fish he eats for a 
day" but what about all of those no fishing signs, as in florida, where the 
pass regulation keeping the vendors from tapping into the market. Or when 
they tell john doe he can't have an upholstery shop in his garage, that he 
either had to rent a piece of commercial property from the rich men, or he 
had to go to work for the rich men, benefiting the rich man whichever way he 
goes. Not to mention the license, which I see already having been granted us 
by the founding fathers, but taken away by legislation, and bueracratic 
Wow, I got way off of the point, anyway, when I was finished with a 
preliminary to be used to get together the homeless talent, and to find a 
place we could do it, I was told that Mike had applied for a grant to do the 
paper, and was going to hire in some one to do it. (who would automatically 
become a homeless expert of course) I was also told I could sell the paper, 
and write articles for 25 apiece.
Now if I was to get the grant, I would have used The money spent on a 
salary, to rent a house, where we could not only do the paper, but put out 
food. If the house had a garage, we could also build bicycle trailers for 
the dumpser divers, to be able to be really productive. They could bring the 
tvs computers etc to the garage, their name could go on them, and we could 
yard sale to get the money for fleemarket tables,and maybe end up with our 
own group store. not to mention the fact that the dumster divers get the 
money for what is sold after fleemarket cost comes out, and they donate what 
they will for the rest, Or however the group that came together would work 
it. I don't see any sense, in building a strong org, I only see sense in 
building the people and through them the org gets strong.
I've seen to many times, to many different ways. The people that are 
supposed to be for us, working against us by standing between the folk that 
really want to help, and the folk that need the help, see how to do it, but 
won't be listened to dlue the fact they are homeless, so what do they know 
about the issue, This high paid guy at hud or this other head of some org 
says this so it must be that way, cause they are the experts
I agree with chance concerning the board, If you have people on a board that 
are part of the problem the only help you can expect to really get is at a 
hobo camp along the tracks
America,Love it or make it better

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