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john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 14:39:47 -0800 (PST)

Last Thursday a group of concerned homeless, some of
the providers and the city person for Health and Human
Services, with a Council member sat to speak on the
proposed new cite for the homeless trying to squeeze
the budget on another interim cite for the homeless.
They used as an excuse a loss in sales tax revenue as
the cause. We came back with our reason being the same
because a loss of revenue is a sign of the rise in the
homeless population, and needless deaths. We added the
fact of the development of the downtown area would
only boost the economy and the rise in the assessments
of housing by 40% also added to the decline of sales
but an increase in the overall face of there budget. 
The city refused to respond to these comments. Richard
mentioned that they are spending for the runners for a
multi million dollar bridge, and a new city hall yet
they can't do anything to prevent a three fold
increase of death of the indigent population, over the
past two years. They also heard comments on police
brutality and were asked where is the promised help of
three years ago. I explained the closure of some of
the freeze shelters placing greater stress on the
crowded conditions. There reply was progress is slow
and that there are no projects currently underway.
They suddenly became willing to spend a little more to
get us an added 8,000 square feet for offices and
other anticipated service area.  They still are
refusing to state there responsibility to the homeless
population. However in spite of the 40% rise in the
homeless count they are adding only 10% space to the
day area that we currently are under.

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