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Senator Flanders and readers,
Thanks for writing back,Senator Larsen said she spoke to you about the
problems of housing and homelessness in our state.Can you generate enough
interest to get a petition up in front of the Governor to have her open up
some armories so persons can get out of the elements?
It is great that you are working on temporary [bandaid] fixs,but the housing
shortage is abysmal in New Hampshire;the Governor has stated that there will
be 600 new units of housing built in New Hampshire this year?
Senator Flanders with the loss of 16 units of affordable housing,of which 12
units were occupied [displacing 37 persons] in Franklin,N.H. alone taken via
eminent domain to make a 22 place parking lot,we are curious how Franklin
District Court Judges could sit on this case,a obvious conflict of interest
recusal was prerequisite on any eviction proceedings!
Local communities already do have to take care of their own poor and
homeless RSA 165-1 covers that but I am saying we must have a means to
utilize the state owned buildings that are unused and have no one living in
them.I am sure you are aware of houses and buildings taken by the state
sitting idle such as Walker Building on NH Hospital Grounds,and I am sure
they have a list of homes Attorney Generals Office has taken for drug raids?
Just a few ideas on how to get instant housing for families in transition
and homeless persons,I make no claim to being an expert but people do die
from lack of shelter in this state and if we can all work in unison to end
homelessness  and poverty than maybe just maybe we can salvage a few souls?
I may be a optimist,I believe if as your constituents we can help improvise
or fashion a real plan to prevent homelessness and its many reasons for
happening then we can say we are doing a fair job...But as long as one
person sleeps in the streets of New Hampshire hungry or unsheltered and was
not offered or given a oppurtunity to sleep inside due to the armories or
other state buildings not opening there doors I would have to say we are not
doing enough...no one needs to die of hypothermia.
So do you think that SB 48 will actually be one of the cure all for
immediate homelessness problems?
We have telling the Governor and others that this was coming for a while why
did no one listen?
Also you got a lot of senior citizens in nursing homes and they under
Olmstadt 2000 should be released to a least restrictive setting.They could
demand to be released to housing problems that our state must address ...
Perhaps if you could request of the Governor and others in power that the
affordable housing problem is 20 years old then maybe you could influence
them to work with some of the advocates,and we do need thousands of
affordable housing units in this state if we are going to attract business
and workers we must be able to house them correcT
I hope I did not sound to inpatient but I have been to one funeral already
this winter,and just lost one of NHHomeless members on the Febuary 3,so
perhaps you can understand that most of us are frustrated when we have been
telling the persons in the position to help the most what we know and it
seeming to fall on deaf ears?
Hopefully you might under take to contact or sign up to our group and you
will learn first hand what is going on that way you can be more able to help
get the word out before disaster happens!
We got some very well educated and willing persons ready to work with you or
any homeless task force if you would be ready and open to discuss and listen
to them?
Bill Tinker

25 Granite Street
Northfield,N.H. 03276 USA
Advocate,activist for disabled,displaced and parents human rights
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>     Thanks for all the information you have forwarded to me regarding the
> plight that homeless people face in the country There is no question but
> it is a terrible situation to be in and needs to be addressed.
> Unfortunately, homelessness is one of many conditions that exist in the
> country today, all of them needing attention and resolution.
>     Just this week, the Senate began addressing the issue of affordable
> housing and had a hearing on that subject.  Affordable housing is almost
> nonexistent throughout our State and forcing more working families into a
> homeless situation.  While it would be wonderful if the House and Senate
> could wave a magic wand and make affordable housing immediately available
> all those that need it, that just isn't possible.  It is, however, being
> addressed and hopefully with due process, progress will be made in
> affordable housing to the marketplace.
>     While the State can attempt to legislate affordable housing and human
> rights issues, I think that many of the issues faced by homeless folks
> be addressed by individual communities.  It is the community that knows
> there is housing, if indeed there is some, knows where there are available
> jobs for those that are unfortunate enough to be unemployed, if there are
> social services available in the community for those that need them.  I
> that one town in this area has accepted the challenge and addressed the
> problem of affordable housing. This town now has apartments available for
> short term for people who find themselves with no place to live.  These
> apartments are available until they can get back on their feet and save
> enough money to put a security deposit and the first month rent on a more
> permanent apartment.  This is done at the local level and works out well
> all of those involved, those providing the assistance and those that need
> assistance.
> There are other groups involved in providing food staples and clothing as
> well.
>     I have read the letter that Susan Danforth wrote about her frustration
> and anger with the lack of solutions and the absence of people working on
> problem.  I can assure you that no one is trying to pass the buck, but she
> correct-we don't have all the answers nor can we make any promises about
> resolution to the problems of the homeless.  We can however, keep
> for improvement and hope that our voices, added to the voices of your
> advocate group will be heard and progress will be made.
>  -