[Hpn] Opening halfway house, AND The real "Prize" is to end poverty.

wtinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 10:48:33 -0500

Could some one please e-mail the ladies address to Jan at addy below if they
have it?
Thank you very much.
A Brother
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From: "Jan Lightfoot" <janshouse@yahoo.com>

Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 9:31 AM

>   Ending poverty, as a means to overcoming
> homelessness; Is akin to tearing down the Berlin Wall,
> as a means of promoting free travel.   Its doable.
>  Poverty is the number one cause of homelessness.
> Because one lacks adequate income, one can not afford
> housing.
>    When the mentally ill are unemployable, they often
> are unable to afford housing.  They are homeless.  The
> mentally ill still capable of working, are housed.  I
> personally know a doctor, inflicted with bi-polar
> illness, who takes medications and still practices.
> So mental illness in and of itself does not cause
> homelessness.  The lack of resources which results is
> the culprit.
>    As the wall was created by people, so is poverty.
> It would cost 2 tenths of 1 percent  of our worlds
> resources, to end world poverty.  So poverty is
> created by ignorance, greed, and insecurity.  We are
> misspending more than the required amount today.  For
> every dollar which gets into needy Americans hands, an
> estimated $10 goes to salaries, and expense's of those
> who distribute the funds.
>   Wise compassion, placing the income where it will do
> the most good - will cure person made POVERTY.  Having
> the social safety net work AS ADVERTISED, will cure
> poverty.  As will an "attitude of prosperity".  To
> take pride in lifting the level of all human-beings so
> everyone has a bed and everyone is fed.  And a Livable
> wage is paid to all.  Nationally 65% of all wlacking
> adequate income are the working poor.
>   We can end poverty in a few years, if we focus on
> the Cause.  And do not blame its victims.
>   Hello!  Misplaced the address of that wonderful
> women who wants to open a halfway house in Canada.
> There are half way houses for women in the states.
> They can provide information.  Crossroads was in
> Maine.  Think it closed. And Odessy House.
>   I was lucky enough to had opened a homeless shelter
> which also took in alcoholics waiting for an opening
> in a halfway house, after treatment.
>   Send me your address again, and tell me who you are
> and I will email you directly.
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