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William Charles Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Sat, 10 Feb 2001 23:50:33 -0000

Senator Flanders;group:
I know you are aware that there is a real problem with homelessness 
and housing in New Hampshire!
Here is an exchange of dialog discussion from advocates from NH and 
Ma.I seriously think some one should approach Governor Shaheen and 
tell her to allow a couple armories to be opened for the homeless 
over flow in shelters right now?
We do not need any more people to die on the street from apathy do we?
William Tinker

--- In nhhomeless@y..., Thomas Cagle <nh-adapt@j...> wrote:
Bill Scam,
I think you BOTH have right points.

What Scan can't know as his turf seems to be more of the landscape in
Cambridge MASS, is that Ms Larsen is part of 
 what there is for a progressive and liberal member of the NH General

Scam's point of "where's the housing"? is equally valid.

What Ms Larson aint getting and maybe can't get, or can't bull through
this general court is that what we got is a full blown balls first
housing crisis.

This isn't just some fuzzy-headed liberal search for the reformation 
of a
few drunks and druggies it is a crisis for the whole bottom third of 
entire population. Which if they put them through enough of a meat
grinder of poverty isolation 
and exploitation they will erode the very quality of of life for the 
priviledged third.

Britain did this same silly assed dance for the twenty years following
the potato famine, It is Scams your and my job to try and see that we
stop a replay of that grisly play of social indiference.

Tom C 

On Thu, 8 Feb 2001 20:11:44 -0500 "wtinker" <wtinker@f...>
> Because of her rapid response, and also because a week ago she 
> started meeting with persons and homeless advocates and 
> housing advocates in Concord,N.H.also she invited the general 
> public not just a elite few, and to me it shows good faith and some 
> kind of heart to take on the Land lord black listers ..I am sure 
> have heard of them ......sort of greedy SOBs that care about 
> but their GOD....which is money! I will of course try to be watch 
> on this and remindfull should she detour from these goals.
> Bill
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> > why bill?
> >
> > wtinker wrote:
> >
> > >  Bill
> > >  NHHomeless
> > >  25 Granite Street
> >
> > i can't belive this. thinking alike is not the question, it's 
> veracity. or
> > where's the beef ?
> >
> > >
> > >   I have myself been the victim of flaming or unreasonable 
> attacks on my
> > >  style of advocacy, but no two people think exactly alike thank 
> god or
> this
> > >  world would be a very good or bad place to live depending on 
> the
> thought
> > >  for
> > >  today.
> > >   I do want you to know I appreciate the involvement by you and 
> others
> > >  towards resolving the dilemma of poverty and homelessness in 
> New
> Hampshire
> > >  and your willingness to help take on the ones whom are so 
> intent on
> > >  keeping
> > >  the disabled poor and working poor under their thumb.
> >
> > what did she do bill? thank you? where's the housing?
> >
> >
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