[Hpn] Re: Award- one take on it

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Sat, 10 Feb 2001 03:55:39 -0800

I woke up this morning thinking about this upcoming award. Trouble is..there
are so many I would nominate for it. Tom, Anitra, Catalina,Chance,Sonny, Morgan,
Bill....plus others. Lots of others. For example, Lucinda- who has a definite
flair for writing.(I'm just waking up here). And Jos with your zen hugs and
insights and human-ness.
When was the last team award? For group effort, and networking..and "Win/Win"?
The way civilization's set things up..someone always has to "lose" and be invalidated
because someone else "won". 
And television shows feed into this "competition over cooperation", also. Like
"Survivor"..or, here in Norway..similiar shows..where each week, someone gets
excluded and voted out.
So many of us put in so many hours, and thoughts, and physical actions in order
to find a solution to homelessness. My apologies, but I'm going to vote for
us all- mainly because I have a feeling that voting for us all is more ecologically,
spiritually, emotionally-sustainable and empowering.
*Sipping more coffee*
Well, having said all that- I guess I wouldn't deprive anyone of their moment
to Shine in the Sun.



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