[Hpn] Nomination Sought for Buddy Gray Award for Homeless Activism

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[Hpn] Nominations Sought for Buddy Gray Award for Homeless Activism

I agree with Sonny. There are several people who come to mind including 
those listed by Sonny.

I think honoring Tom Boland and all his work in Boston and elsewhere (as he 
takes it on the road a lot) in this way would be good.

However, instead of choosing one of the many people in the Boston area, like 
our own Tom Boland, I intend to nominate the Homeless Empowerment Project 
(HEP) <http://www.homelessempowerment.org/> and the all of many people 
there, from the top down and in between, who have been (and many who still 
are) responsible for its being what it is.

It is my opinion this would best honor Tom Boland and all the others like 
him and the hard work they have consistently done and in many cases, like 
Tom, still do.

I also think this would be a great and timely honor since they, and the Old 
Cambridge Baptist Church which hosts them, this years Homelessness Marathon 

That is my two cents worth anyway. What do others think?


~~~More about Buddy Gray available online -- FYI:

Buddy Gray shot dead; client held:


Respect, If not affection
Gray annoying, but effective:


Gray: dedicated to work
Advocate developed social conscience early:


Cliff Radel -- Opinion; 11/18/1996
Buddy Gray wasn't one to sell out:


~~~More articles regarding the Buddy Gray legacy -- FYI:

Saturday, June 17, 2000
Cincinnati Enquirer
Housing complex honored by HUD
Ten other area projects receive national awards:


-- The legacy of the late Buddy Gray, an advocate for the
homeless in Over-the-Rhine, has gained national attention.

Buddy's Place, a housing project in Over-the-Rhine for
homeless men and women started by Mr. Gray, is among 10
projects in Cincinnati that have received Best Practices
Awards from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban

[ ... ]

Friday, August 25, 2000
Cincinnati Enquirer
Homeless get new nursing care
Health Foundation grant helps Drop-Inn Center add on-site clinic:


--- [ ... ]

It's not the first medical clinic inside a homeless shelter
in Cincinnati, but it's a big step toward fulfilling the dream of
the shelter's late founder, Stanley “Buddy” Gray, who
wanted to provide a range of services for those in need while
also restoring their dignity.

[ ... ]


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