[Hpn] HOMES NOT POLITICS say Indians made homeless by earthquake & shoddy construction (fwd) shoddy construction (fwd)

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Fri, 9 Feb 2001 12:31:57 -0800

(Major clipping and snipping, here- Harmony)

"Builders do not need licenses to start up businesses in India,
and quality checks are rare.

``When the quake came, the kind of buildings which started
toppling were those with illegal and poor quality of
construction,'' Vasavada said. His 250-year-old house stood cracked
but intact while brand-new buildings nearby were destroyed."

(Harmony): There are a number of emergency relief architects- here's one, who
specializes in earthquake resistant domes.. there is also a Japanese architect
who's made emergency dwellings out of recyclable paper tubing, but his server
was down at the moment..

CalEarth Forum

"Imagine building a beautiful home with high, arched ceilings out of little
more than water, some barbed wire and the dirt in your own backyard for about
$1,500, then finishing it off with tile, ornate windows and a few furnishings,
all for a total of $7,000, excluding labor. Single room domes are even less
and can be constructed in a matter of days.

"My work is to create the most beautiful structures out of the simplest materials,"
Khalili said.
Students, artists, architects, environmentalists and writers from all over the
world have converged upon Hesperia to rediscover the simple power of earth,
air, water, and fire (heat from the sun) - the only ingredients necessary for
Khalili's fire-proof, flood and earthquake resistant domes.
Khalili's California Institute of Earth, Art and Architecture (Cal-Earth) has
even gained the attention of United Nations researchers. One U.N. official said
the ceramic domes are ideal for environmental refugees, disaster-ridden areas
and people who live in slum housing because Khalili's superadobe eliminates
many of the obstacles aid agencies face when providing assistance....." (Article
in Hesperia Star, July 4th,2000.) 

"...a family should be able to walk to a piece of land and build themselves
a home without timber, steel or concrete. Just the earth alone should suffice."
Ceramic Monthly


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