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Fri, 9 Feb 2001 14:49:48 -0500 (EST)

Hi all,
I live up here in Toronto, Ontario where the Toronto Transit Commission
runs the buses and subways.  The TTC has its own cops, called Transit
Patrol. Supposedly they are there to keep riders safe but all I ever see
them do is hassle the homless and those lablled "mentally ill."  They
carry pepper spray and clubs.
They've kicked me off the train for carrying a sleping bag even tho'
I've had a valid transfer and hadn't reached my destination. When I said
I was going to Spadina Station they demanded to know why. I said to get
a change ov clothes from my locker and they demanded to know what else I
kept in my locker. Tempted as I was to snarl, "The severed head ov the
last moron who asked too many questions!" I simply said I kept my
clothes there to avoid them being stolen.  Mind you, I've observed
people in suits sleep on the trains and not get kicked off or woken by
the transit cops.
A warning to any homeless or poverty stricken persin in Toronto: DO NOT
show them your Metropass if you have one. They'll only confiscate it.
Just walk out and go to the next bus stop. I'm not a big believer in
compliance but it beats getting pepper-sprayed and having a $90 pass
Are there similar problems with transit patrols elsewhere?

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