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Block Grants for Housing Programs
February 8, 2001

2/8/2001-From the National Low Income Housing
Coalition Weekly Housing Update: Senators Trent Lott
(R-MS) and Arlen Specter (R-PA) introduced a bill on
January 22 that would direct HUD to study the
feasibility of consolidating public and assisted
housing programs into a block grant system. Under S.
23, the New Urban Agenda Act of 2001, HUD would have
to submit a report within 18 months outlining how
housing programs could be block granted to maximize
funding flexibility and minimize paperwork and delay.
The legislation does not discuss who might receive the
block-granted HUD funds. The bill also contains
provisions to encourage home buying in enterprise
communities, empowerment zones, and renewal
communities. It would also encourage the purchase of
goods from these areas. Senator Wayne Allard (R-CO)
introduced the Local Housing Opportunities Act (S.
2968) in the 106th Congress, which would have block
granted many housing programs to individual states.
Senator Allard may introduce a similar bill this
session. S. 23 and S. 2968, are available at

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