[Hpn] (no subject)

stephen gillies style02139@yahoo.com
Thu, 8 Feb 2001 09:18:46 -0800 (PST)

Cambridge: 8.II.2001

I received a message from Tom Boland about faith based
funding for religious organizations possible reducing
money for welfare. This seems to be a possibility, but
I suspect that the Bush administration is waiting for
feedback on the proposals/suggestions. The point is to
ask for increased funding for the non-profit social
service sector, increased funding and on a more
regular schedule. That would not take much to achieve,
and it would have an enormous impact. Also, more meals
programs, and more medium term housing/shelter space.
By the way, I mentioned at the homeless marathon that
someone worked in Harvard Sq. and was staying at a
shelter in Brighton. Her employer did not know.
Someone told him, and I believe that this person was
released. Is this another Michael Sullivan dirty trick?

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