[Hpn] Housing Plus Receives HUD Funding (ELIJAH)

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Thu, 08 Feb 2001 04:29:58 -0800


Please check out my Architects Links- which mostly concentrate on alternate,
low-cost building materials- I seem to recall seeing one site there that has
a per unit cost of about 7 thousand + dollars..
(CalEarth Forums)
 plus, there are sites that have on-site brick making equipment, and adobe sites...plus
sites on yurts, etc...about 25 different source places..

Harmony's Homepage: Architects Links

>Mr Covington sent the following information of which I only include a part

>>>Pontiac, MI- Housing Plus, a subsidiary of New Passages, has received 
>>award letters from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

>>to purchase and rehabilitate eight homes in Oakland County and four in
>>Genesee County.  Four homes will be located within the city of Pontiac.
>>The three awards are for a total of $841,910 and also provide support
>>services to the people with mental illness who will occupy the homes.
>WOW, This is like 70,159.16 per unit, which isn't as high as the HUD 
>average. Then you take in consideration what HUD obsorbed, and the cost per

>unit is even higher, as what they obsorbed doesn't show up in the 841,910.

>Now I ask you how many houses could the homeless build, even with paying 
>themselves a fair wage for doing so, with the 841,910, Then again, how many

>acres of land could be purchased with the money, and we could put up tents,

>while we hit the construction sites, for building materials to build the 
>If the government agencies, and the non-profits, really wanted to do 
>something besides maintain their own existance, they would think along these

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