[Hpn] To the activists__power!

elijah huffman hobo_poet@hotmail.com
Thu, 08 Feb 2001 02:05:37 -0500

The following is a quote from the new york times. Sounds good to me.

>"The first half of the last century was dominated by party-centered 
>politics.  Then came candidate-centered politics.  Now, some foresee an era 
>where the power moves to activists, who create local coalitions around 
>specific issues.  That could happen because, with the rise of the Internet, 
>activists have far greater access to communication and organizing tools—and 
>no longer have to rely on help from campaign or party committees.
>“This could fuel the development of a new era of issue-centered politics, 
>where people are exercising their political views through advocacy groups 
>around issues they care about,” said Dan Carol, a Democratic strategist who 
>commutes between offices here and in Eugene, Ore.”…..

from New York Times, Sunday Feb 4., Week In Review Section, P. 3

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