[Hpn] answering Chance

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Wed, 07 Feb 2001 20:26:57 0

On Wed, 07 Feb 2001 chance martin wrote:
I'd do this job for lunch money if it would end homelessness.
There are countries where this is a reality, and their taxes are high, but
> their standard of living is much better than here. So I'm sold, but how do
> we get the Bill Gateses of this country to sign on?

  Oh good, This time using the delete function to edit  the original didn't shut my computer down! (and as to why cut and paste apparently logged me off my ISP before... probably hit wrong key )
  Anyway though I dread sounding like I'm basing my personal beliefs on the movie Metropolis maybe we have to never stop appealing to their basic humanity.
Of course this runs the risk of being thought of as a real pain in the patoot!
However that could be an interesting epitaph for one's tombstone!
   We all need to see beyond our own needs maybe Bush will one day actually harken to the words of the man he professes is his personal saviour. Until then he is just taking the name in vein or so the jesusit teachers told us. And of course to them that meant he was irrevokably damnned for all time. Jesusits tended to talk like that whenever they got some class time in my school usually glowering right back at the nuns who were the nominal heads of the place.
        8-P  ,jos