[Hpn] Would you take a pay cut to end homelessness in your country?

homey homey@ids.net
Wed, 07 Feb 2001 22:16:10 -0500

Would I take a pay cut if it would help homelessness?


Since , I already had to forgo two raises already, I suppose I have already
taken a pay cut.  When I travel for the organization, I pay my own way.  To
me the money we receive from our sponsor (which is a grant from HUD) should
go directly into services.  As the coordinator I probably could campaigne
for a highend salary.  Hell, I forgo my last two raises so we could provide
monthly bus passes and computer classes to the folks in the shelter.  I know
what it's like to have to walk two miles to the welfare office or food stamp

And yes I still qualify for my section 8 certificate, which is for
low-income families.  I am sure there are other folks out there making
sacrifices too.  I am certainly not alone.

Hmm, I wonder if there are any other directors living in Section 8 housing?
I take just what I need to survive.