[Hpn] Would you take a pay cut to end homelessness in your country?

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Wed, 07 Feb 2001 16:25:33 0

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 Tom Boland wrote:
> Would you take a pay cut to end homelessnesss in your country?

  Gosh Tom, I didn't realize it was all my fault! Sorry - I will endeavor to be more careful in the future.
  Seriously, as a self employed scared-bleepless free-lance artist I have like so many small businesses been filing and paying my federal income taxes monthly
(actually not so onerous as it makes me pay attention to business). Personally,
 I regard it as a pay cut. Also as my share in taking care of MY country (just cause it doesn't want me doesn't mean I don't want it). Too bad it isn't going to
ending homelessness/ improving the schools / universal health care / making everyone and their vote count/protecting the rights ofmy friends who are bisexual( of the 15 people I consider close 11 are bisexual) / it's a long list, can I stop now? 
   The fact is I feel I'm doing my share - so where the heck is the rest of the country? 
   As an aside, apparently I have to appologise to Ms. Breckenridge. If her reaction to my previous post is to quit the group then I guess that somehow no matter if inadvertently I offended her!
          Zen hugs, jos