[Hpn] my rant on homeless issues

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Wed, 07 Feb 2001 14:54:28 0

We argue over the semantics of housing being a "right" or a "privilege" when historically these terms have at times meant different things - in deed our modern definition of both switches them (to an extent) from what they were to each other a mere 100 years ago. (Universal  suffrage was a "privilege" not extended to much of the US citizenry)
 But housing is most definitely a need and seems to be a human instinct. However the expression of that instinct is satisfied in so many ways that we may get caught up in arguing about forms and ways and all that grand silliness.
  But we die without some shelter. Even those who feel they are no longer part of society must stay close to the common group to get even their meager needs met. Sure some peeps brag about how much they make panhandling but you don't see them flying home to their estate in Monaco every evening now do we? We all brag to make ourselves just a little more comfortable: it helps to forget those days when nothing comes in. Not to forget the irony that there is nothing more expensive than being on the street. Even the "cheap" meals at the Arches of Despair (you call it McDonalds) would be so much cheaper done at home ( and don't give me we're paying for "convenience".My own stove, table and larder now that's convenience!)
  Of course here in the states we have the right to make as much money as we
can. The flip side is that children have the right to starve to death or that people have the right to die from exposure.
   "Rights" are what we define them, making them as plastic as memory. I'm much more concerned with consequences.