[Hpn] Re: (hpn) Goldsmith to Homeless: Pray for Food / Your opinion?

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 07:48:26 -0800


yikes! I could totally relate to what you said here:

"Perhaps it was because our stay was temporary that made such a nice relationship.
 Neither the hosts or participants had a permanent relationship.  Maybe that's
the key.  When I had a pest problem once, (a sweet little neighbor who couldn't
stay away though I needed privacy, room, space, freedom) I remember opening
the Bible and reading "Let thy foot step rarely into thy neighbor's house, lest
he become wary of you and hate you."  (Proverbs 25:17)"

Your neighbor must have moved over here to Norway, because I swear she's knocking
on my door several times a week, just when I'm in the middle of working. And
she never phones first..she just shows up on the doorstep. And yes! yes! yes!
I need privacy, room, space and freedom!! LOL, love that particular Bible quote,



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