[Hpn] Street People

chance martin streetsheet@sf-homeless-coalition.org
Tue, 06 Feb 2001 18:52:35 -0700

I thought the article made a convenient vehicle for Mr. & Ms. J.Q. Public in
Florida to think that anyone looking for survival money was a scam artist,
and you and I know that isn't true. Stay strong sis.



on 2/6/01 7:47 PM, Aariadne SpiderLady at Aariadne@interactive.rogers.com

> Well, i don't see them talking about the other side ov it.  Sure, at
> timesI can make $100 panning.  Other times I make .50 in hours.  I don't
> intimdate people or force them to give but at least  have the decency in
> you to not to come and preach at me, to not diss my pentacle and
> tattoos, to not come waving $100-bills at me and then run away laughing
> like its the funniest thing since the dog got run over.
> I am a survivor. I can walk 8 hrs a day with a 40-pound back on my back
> and tho' I now live with my partner I could go back to the streets if I
> had to and I still look down on those wimps who couldn'tlive without
> electricity and heating and sell ou their values and souls for the
> almighty dollar and comfortable living.
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