[Hpn] a reply to Tom's question with two ansures

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 14:33:01 -0800 (PST)

I find that most faith based institutions don't push
the issue of religion and the issues of one
denomination over the other. However, you should
respect the house that you enter for the services that
you are about to receive, as they respect your right
to believe as you do.  The funding source government
or church, shouldn't enter the issue as you are about
receive a blessing.  I can usual stay away from
symbols of the religious and government dogma.
The commandment is to love all. all other directives
are secondary and will fall into place regardless of
what you believe. Therefor, there is to be no
devision. I try to seek the fairness of all however
there are circumstances that prohibit the use of the
commandment.  I must settle for what I determine as
the best resolve and deal with the issue later with my
pears of the homeless as to a better resolve.  I will
avoid the service provider in such decisions, though I
respect there guidelines.

For Those of you that know Austin and /or I

From using this methodology as a volunteer I am
respected by all in so much as they will back me up
all the way around to there individual capacity. I
will after I am put to a test weather or not I was
right in my handling of the situation and I am willing
to listen. Those that use the services that I do for
them, they are appreciative.

A lot of these Faith based institutions that use HUD
funds become separate entities as they solicit there
funds from all available sources including Easter
Seals and United Way.  Therefor if they can reasonably
estimate there expenses by the program, they can
reasonably estimate there income, and thus with United
Way and Easter Seals and other general sources they
can keep the Church and State issues at bay.

To those that don't know the person that they are
addressing and are bent on bad mouthing someone, are
the worse type of bigots that I know. I have not
trespassed on any of you.  I simply state how I feel
and what I know. These can and often are separate
issues totally.  Should you feel something so be it.
as I have critical of a lot of you and most have found
out why.  I have never been past the limits of how I
believe one should respond to a given situation.
Miscomprehension is common form of an error.

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