[Hpn] Eight Great Myths About Welfare

anitra@speakeasy.org anitra@speakeasy.org
Sun, 04 Feb 2001 03:44:11 +0000

Anitra Freeman has just published the article "Eight Great Myths About Welfare"
on Themestream and would like you to see it.

Anitra Freeman says:
"I am working with some folks from Right Wing Watch on "13 Myths About Welfare Reform."  I have posted an early draft of my own research at Themestream, and I would appreciate feedback.  You will have to register to read it, but it will not cost you anything, and I have not been spammed as a result of my registering.  Full disclosure: I will get paid 2 cents for every person who reads the article. :)  Again, however, you don't get charged for reading it -- or for publishing, if you want to sign up and use the forum also.

Write On!

Here's the link:


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