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Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Sat, 03 Feb 2001 15:45:29 0

 Hi Cindy,
   I found your poem to be spot on. Also I've spent a lot ,heck - way to much time, of late thinking about whether we make ourselves or or enviroment does. In not to long I realized that none of us has enough data on that yet. Do our genes make us or do we "decide"?  In some areas it may be a little of both in others... well go ahead try and "decide" to adopt the lifestyle of a nitrogen breathing organism or live unshielded for a week in vacuum.
   But there is fudge-room in a lot else.Most of us can be vegetarians if we want. There are other examples but I find that people who switch between very different religions tend to carry certain attitudes into their conversions. Me,I'm having no end of fun(sic) dealing with depression lately. Now is that genetics or a learned behaviour. Or does the behavior reenforce the operative genes?
   Or should I forget questions best researched in academic situations and just deal with consequences and the actions around me. (Yeah, I'm real good at "thinking" about situations and not necessarilly dealing with 'em!)
   Jeez, I'm gabby! Anyway Cindy, I'm definitely saving that email to read when it gets rougher. Thanks, and consider yourself getting a special hug just for you! (Why do I suddenly picture Anitra considering calling the polce to check me out!?)
   Anyway Zen hugs to everyone, jos