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Have Pontiac MI officials targeted Grace Center mission for "harassment"? http://newsfinder.arinet.com/fpweb/fp.dll/$stargeneral/htm/x_dv.htm/_ibyx/cg0302 6/_itox/starnet/_svc/news/_Id/700659843/_k/wyCM0JDs8POko4AL FWD Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Feb 01, 2001 OFFICIALS MAKE SURPRISE INSPECTION OF PONTIAC HOMELESS SHELTER PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) _ More than a week after police arrests at the Grace Centers of Hope, city fire and building officials made a surprise inspection there. The Rev. Kent Clark, chief executive officer of the nonprofit organization, questioned the timing of Wednesday's inspection and called it continued ``harassment.'' Pontiac Fire Chief Jeffrey Hawkins and building official Tom McIntyre searched the building for fire hazards. ``This inspection is based on complaints made to the city,'' Hawkins said. ``We are here for a routine check for life safety issues and code violations.'' Hawkins said the visit was not intended as harassment. Although an inspection had not been performed at the facility in the past ``five or six'' years, Hawkins said it was a matter of policy for such inspections to take place once a year. The center, formerly known as The Pontiac Rescue Mission, is used for those who are homeless or involved in the facility's drug rehabilitation program. Clark said he thinks there is a connection between the fire inspection and the police raid held Jan. 23, when 26 Pontiac police officers raided the shelter at 5 a.m. for outstanding warrants, mostly for minor offenses. The actions by the city and Mayor Walter Moore are meant to harass the homeless people in the city, he said. ``These complaints were made based on an illegal raid here,'' Clark told The Oakland Press. ``The beat goes on with this harassment by our mayor and police department. The mayor is supposed to be a compassionate man, is this compassion?'' Moore said last week he did not have prior knowledge of the raid, but supported the police action. Katrina Henry, a spokeswoman for Moore, said the inspection was part of normal city operations and not connected to the last week's raid. ``We're not harassing Pastor Clark,'' she said. ``He may feel as though he's being harassed, but we did what we did as part of city operations.'' A report will be completed on the status of the building by next week, Hawkins said. AP-CS-02-01-01 1251EST Received Id AP101032E7B023C0 on Feb 01 2001 14:49 END FORWARD **In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, this material is distributed without charge or profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this type of information for non-profit research and educational purposes only.** SEE ALSO http://www.freep.com/news/locoak/pon31_20010131.htm FWD Detroit Free Press - January 31, 2001 DOORS CLOSING TO HOMELESS CENTER, CITING PRESSURE FROM PONTIAC, IS TO END EMERGENCY SHELTER BY HUGH McDIARMID JR. - FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER "Staff, residents and supporters of the Grace Centers of Hope march to the Pontiac Police Department on Tuesday to protest a raid on the shelter last week." http://www.freep.com/news/locoak/npont30_20010130.htm FWD Detroit Free Press - January 30, 2001 SHELTER ARRESTS FOCUS OF PROTEST WALK TO SEND MESSAGE: NO MORE POLICE RAIDS http://www.freep.com/news/latestnews/pm1778_20010123.htm FWD Detroit Free Press - Tuesday, January 23, 2001 POLICE ARREST 32 AT HOMELESS SHELTER BY HUGH McDIARMID JR. - FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER Thirty-two arrests and a firestorm of finger-pointing followed a pre-dawn raid on a Pontiac homeless shelter Tuesday.... Using a list of names and social security numbers provided by the shelter a week ago, police identified about 50 people with 57 outstanding criminal warrants living at the Huron Street facility, said Police Chief Larry Miracle..... YOUR OPINION? 1) Should nonprofits help police to arrest homeless people charged with misdemeanors? 2) Should shelters require homeless people to give IDs & Social Security numbers as a condition of service? 3) When homeless people give personal information to human service providers, are "providers' promises" sufficient to "protect our rights" to confidentiality? Please cite examples. 4) Have Pontiac officials targeted Grace Center for "harassment", as the mission's director claims? SNIP ARTICLE CONTENT to "only text to which you reply directly": Visit HPN for CONSTANTLY UPDATING NEWS on Homeless People: *************************************************************** Over 10,000 articles by or via homeless & ex-homeless people Been Homeless? Then JOIN! EMAIL Tom Boland <wgcp@earthlink.net> Nothing About Us Without Us - Democratize Public Policy ***************************************************************