[Hpn] kill

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 11:15:12 -0800

Yes, that's how it starts, isn't it- the killing of vagrants, gypsies,foreigners,
and anyone who is "different". We don't have very far to look in the US, either...with
the internment of Japanese during the second world war, and the ongoing treatment
of native americans.
Unfortunately, I get the feeling (in my more discouraged moments) that so much
of the world and society would rather that we homeless just "disappear" rather
than have to allow us to come up with our own solutions, or at least lend a
helping hand and not harass and persecute us.
Well I, for one, have news for those people. We are, in spite of everything,
going to prevail.



>Friday, Feb. 2, 2001
>                              German Teen Skinheads Jailed for Vagrant
>                              SCHWERIN, Germany (Reuters) - Three
>teenage German
>                              skinheads received prison sentences of
>three to 12 years for the
>                              brutal killing of a homeless man last
>summer, a court official in the
>                              east German town of Schwerin said on
>                              The sentences fell short of those sought
>by prosecutors, who
>                              wanted terms up to life imprisonment for
>one of the defendants for
>                              beating to death the sleeping 51 year-old
>                              The three attackers on trial were aged
>between 16 and 19. The trial
>                              of a 24 year-old alleged to be the main
>assailant has been delayed
>                              so that he can undergo psychological
>                              The incident, in the Baltic Sea resort
>island of Usedom, attracted
>                              substantial attention in Germany,
>following a spate of anti-Semitic
>                              and racist attacks.
>                              Under pressure to react to a reported rise
>in far-right violence,
>                              Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's government
>has moved to ban the
>                              National Democratic Party (NPD), a some
>6,000-strong grouping it
>                              sees as a breeding ground for neo-Nazi
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