[Hpn] (no subject)

elijah huffman hobo_poet@hotmail.com
Fri, 02 Feb 2001 13:36:34 -0500

Sorry, If You've been unrightuosly offended by anything I've said. Though 
nothing I've said was directed to you personaly. As for responding, I have a 
file of responses to different tidbits I've yet to open. I also go through 
my e-mail the first thing for deletes, If yours was one of these, I 
apologize for that, but due to overload, I first do some deletes then go 
through with, next, file, next, file.etc.
I am not quiting because of people having opinions that I disagree with. I 
also (sometimes I may fail) when speaking of the agencies, and the 
non-profit,s try for the most part, to let it be understood there are some 
good. Even if I don't is it any different than when someone says the 
homeless? that is an acceptable thing to do. Also I speak so harsely about 
them, as there are other few voices to do so, If you would take the number 
of families housed by HUD for instance, and divide that into the amount of 
money that has gone through their hands, you would probably find out these 
people could have had houses in upper middle class neighborhoods, and a 
bussness property.So whats to complain about there. Plus, what's wrong in 
trying to get homeless and other programs run by those that best know their 
own needs.
Now if you still are offended by my attitude, and lf you still want to try 
to suppress my expression through threating your own departure, I must ask 
you why are you offended, and not knowing you, must ask. Do you represent 
the comments I've made.
I also ask the list. should I leave, and when you respond, please say if you 
are homeless, service provider, agency, or what

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