[Hpn] Triple FEDERAL HOMELESS AID, Mayors ask Bush (fwd)

elijah huffman hobo_poet@hotmail.com
Fri, 02 Feb 2001 03:32:18 -0500

I understand that the organizations 'normaly' pay the workers, little if at 
all. I also understand that there is a lot of ripoff, normally done by the 
head of the organizatio,n though not always and not limited to the head. One 
case is the wings of love in santa barbara,I beliwve it was, in just one 
lyear the founder imbeziled over one and one half million dollars, and that 
was just at a soup kitchen, I also know that in Santa Barbara about the same 
period of time, maybe a few years later, they were talking about building a 
new mission. A group of us talked to the director about us building it, from 
design stage on(I hve the archetectural and consulting engineering 
experience as a head draftsman engineering technition), He said there had to 
be a licensed contractor,as I already knew, We then asked if he would let us 
find an architect and the Genersl contractor etc, to let us work under their 
license and supervision to do it.He still refused. We then attempted to 
submit editorials to try to do it. The paper wouldn't take the editorials as 
we didn't have addresses, so some locals submited them, and they still 
weren't published.When the mission was finished it came to two and one-half 
million dollars. I might add that part of our proposal, was to build some 
workshops with money saved, so we could turn out roducts, giving us some 
income, and also going lnto main-taining the program, that way any further 
donations coming in could go for possitive growth. Anyway, after the mission 
had it's grand opening there was the longest article in the santa barbara 
letters to the editor, about why didn't the homeless help. We went to some 
of the locals that had tried to submit articles for us before, to see if 
they would submit rebutals. We were told they already had, as soon as the 
saw the editrial. the rebutals were never printed.
This goes on all over the country, there are some that care, but the pity 
the homeless thing has been preached so long, that even the good hearted 
folk don't give us the credit we deserve, becaus we are someone to pity, 
rather than get equal respect.
I was at a 1200 dollar ticket award ceramony as one of lthe token homeless, 
after the event and we are in the room with all of the snacks, and every one 
is milling. here are all of these supposed to care about the homeles 
avoiding being with them including this 120000 dollar a year, head of one of 
the national homeless organizations, but people from the national co-olition 
for the homeless came over with us, as we had after awhile found each other 
and formed our own damn group so don't try to get me to think it's okay with 
the orgs. as it is only ok with a few of them, out of the very many
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