[Hpn] Joy-Boy (J.Reynalds) weighs in on quality-of-life enforcement

elijah huffman hobo_poet@hotmail.com
Fri, 02 Feb 2001 00:16:10 -0500


Mr. Renolds;

Sorry I can't call you brother, but I read a lot of your messages, and It 
seems as if they are either self promotionary, or patting your organization 
on the back, usually both.

Why are you on this list anyway. Do you know your organization and many 
others like it are part of the problem. Christ, when taken up on the 
mountain. didn't accept the principalities, and municipalities, 
(governments, in case you don't know the language) yet you support what he 
refused to be, not only part head of. And you say you believe in him.HA.

Can't you see, that the people on the list, except for a few like yourself, 
do not accept the government either? We are instead trying to build the New 
Jewruslem (it's a society not a literal city that the spirtitually lazy 
think god is going to build for them, and the streets will be paved with 
fine gold, but the streets are the ways, the ways of the people, and the 
fine gold is wisdom and understanding, as in philosophical alchemy. It would 
be nice to be able to call you brother, but as Christ pointed out there are 
two families. Would you join us, so you can be called brother, or would you 
rather continue in, and keep spreading darkness
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